Annai Bamboo Coal Product Washes The White Face & Body Whitening

Annai Bamboo Coal Product Washes The White Face & Body Whitening

The bamboo carbon is take grows 10 year above dracena as a material, uses the high temperature carbonization technology, lasted more than 20 days, becomes after the nearly thousand degree high temperature careful burns. Its member close porous, each gram bamboo carbon's crevice surface sum product may amount to more than 300 square meters (to be equal to a basketball court size), therefore has the ultra strong adsorptive capacity. Enjoys the black diamond in Japan the name. The bamboo carbon can also produce the anoin and the release remote infrared ray, the wave length suits the human body absorption, can balance in vivo collogen and the hyaloplasm acid content, improves the skin glossiness, the peeling melanin. Causes the flesh to present only the white condition immediately. The bamboo carbon mineral substance content is rich, suits any skin nature use. 
Bamboo carbon main feature characteristic: 

As soon as An Naizhu the carbon washes the white product mix to include: An Naizhu carbon whitening element 1, An Naizhu carbon whitening element 2, peaceful nai light green against expose to the sun repairs Yan Ye (complimentary gift) An Naizhu carbon whitening element 1 (bodily part): The whitening, the adjustment skin surface layer to ultraviolet ray's sensitivity, the fast dissociation decomposes already the laminated shape which or the punctual black yellow pigment forms. Has the filtration function to the long wave ultraviolet ray, to leaks the wave the black mole to be known as the phagocytosis, can the specificity activation skin oxidation resistance enzyme activity, adjust the skin metabolism to the normal state. Enables the flesh to achieve instantaneous fair, the young and fresh-looking like ceramics transparent white perfect effect. An Naizhu carbon whitening element 2 (bodily part): The bamboo carbon emission remote infrared ray, the wave length suits the human body absorption, can balance in vivo collogen and the hyaloplasm acid content, improves the skin glossiness, adjusts the cool ammonia sour enzyme activeness, prevents the melanin secretion melanin pellet, the live oxygen factor provides the sufficient oxygen share for the cell, the acceleration cell renews, nourishes the flesh, causes the flesh to be not only white, is the white delicateness, like silk smooth attractive. Peaceful nai light green against exposes to the sun repairs Yan Ye (complimentary gift): 1. the perfect simulation pastes skin technology - to wrap the powder granule with the sebum absorbing power outstanding silicone oil ingredient, merges the flesh to adhere to stick cohere in the skin surface, powder nature silk thin gentle uniform US has no time, with the skin color unified whole, clings the flesh frequently, the nature feeling is comfortable, thin like does not have. 2. contains the polysaccharide and the fruit collogen material ingredient, locks in the moisture content highly, has the perfect cover and moisturizer ability, maintains lastingly make the flesh moistens perfectly clear. 

In the world woman has 1/3 receives the puzzle which the pigment precipitates, in the Asian skin's melanin grain density the European is higher than about 2 times, in skin's melanin pellet is bigger. The related investigation indicated that the color spot and the skin color dim most puzzle the Asian feminine flesh question. The endocrine disorder, is pregnant, the heredity and so on is creates the color spot the internal cause. Asian area's ultraviolet ray's illumination quantity is European area 2.5 times, in sunlight UVA and UVB is the direct murderer who creates the color spot. The Asian skin is sensitive to the ultraviolet radiation, under the UVA illumination, Asian's skin is very easy to have the instantaneity blackening. In addition, lacks the movement, the cuticle stack, the environmental pollution, the life pressure high is also forms the color spot the external factor. Therefore, the skin whitening possesses the Asian female's only dream, not only the face wish whitening, the elbow knee even chest buttocks are everybody wish maintain the fair young and fresh-looking the spot, obstructs three clowns in vain, is only the face does not calculate in vain perfectly, whole body Bai Caijiao is attractive. grows ten year above dracena take Taiwan Ali Mountain as a material, after thousand degree high temperature burns, each gram bamboo carbon forms the thousands hexagon to be empty, fills in American patent ingredient cvi in inside, as soon as this is unique An Nai the bamboo carbon washes white, the bamboo carbon has the ultra strong adsorptive capacity, the thorough contraction thick pore and the excessive fat, simultaneously emit the remote infrared ray which the human body may absorb, improves the skin glossiness, the melanin which the peeling already formed. The flesh presents only the white condition immediately. Cvi can suppress the tyrosinase effectively activeness, thus reduces the new melanin the formation. Thus, happen to solved has let two major problems which the skin bleached. The numerous Asian females, specially the Chinese females only pay great attention on face's whitening and the face maintenance, is young when not too obvious disparity, but with the lapse of time, after the woman enters the middle age, may see obviously, on below the face and the neck the spot color difference is very obvious, on the face smudges each kind of cosmetics and the base, lets the skin seems fair, but the long time puts on make-up to take off one's jewelry, the use including to make immortality pills exceeding the allowed figure the cosmetics, makes the skin to speed up senilly. On the face bleached has been possible body's skin color comparatively to appear is very uncoordinated, as soon as An Naizhu the carbon washed advocated in vain the whole body health white, enabled all females to be possible to have the white snow beautiful woman's snow and ice flesh. Arrives in vain dazzlingly, focuses attention on vain to Wan Zhong, as soon as uses An Naizhu the carbon to wash immediately white, 5 days change the body magnificently, the whole body flesh are white!

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